Why AirCare2Go?  


  • The average person spends 90 minutes each day in a car
  • Air inside cars has been found to be heavily polluted
  • Opening a car window only allows more polluted air inside
  • Most People spend another 8 hours or more in an office
  • Air in offices can be 10 times more polluted than outside
  • Inside air can be very dry and stale
  • The EPA has declared that 6 out of 10 buildings are sick
  • Indoor air pollution in your car or office can lead to illness
  • Indoor contaminants can also lead to allergies and breathing problems
  • Other units require expensive filters that need to be replaced often
  • Electronic ionizers create ozone which is harmful to humans
  • Wash the air inside with WATER - just like Mother Nature!
  • It also emits natural negative ions some call "Vitamins for the Air"
  • Naturally created negative ions are OZONE FREE!
  • The soft blue light provides a soothing calming effect
  • By adding essential oils you can create a SPA-like atmosphere
  • Actually enjoy breathing and create less stress inside!
  • Cold diffusion of essential oils is Carcinogen Free!
  • Each essential oil provides an additional calming health benefit
  • Gentle humidity is added to provide a more comfortable environment
  • Odors are naturally absorbed into the swirling water bath

* Essential oils not included